About Us

Our Profile

PDCA Solutions was established in 2006 under the leadership of Meera and Shafee Hoosen. PDCA Solutions is a 100% black-owned Management Consultancy and Training Services Provider in the field of Quality Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Food Safety and Product Certification.

PDCA Solutions takes its name from the PDCA Cycle which was originally conceived by Walter Shewart in the 1930’s and layer adopted by W. Edwards Deming. The model provides a framework for the improvement of a process or system. It can be used to guide the entire improvement projects once target improvement areas have been identified.

The PDCA Cycle is designed to be used as a dynamic model. The completion of one turn of the cycle flows into the beginning of the next. Following in the spirit of continual quality improvement, the process can always be reanalyzed and a new test of change can begin.

Our Core Values

  • LEADERSHIP – We shall encourage best practice and lead by example.
  • INNOVATION – We shall encourage innovation and SME growth.
  • INTEGRITY – We shall conduct ourselves in the most transparent manner with integrity and sound business principals.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – We shall be accountable to our customers and stake holders
  • RESPECT – We shall ensure that clients’ intellectual property is kept confidential and not volunteered to any third party without prior consent.

The Women in Quality Conference and Awards was founded by Shafee and Meera Hoosen and the successful inaugural conference and awards was held on 6-7 August 2014 at the CTICC.